Sunday, February 8, 2015

Anthem Data Breach- things to consider afterwards

Anthem, a health insurer company, alerted customers Wednesday that it suffered an attack that resulted in 80 million users information being stolen. The stolen personal information includes residential addresses, birthdays, medical identification numbers, Social Security Numbers, email addresses and some income data belonging to both current and former customers and employees, including its own chief executive.

From a security standpoint, this is worrisome. The first area of concern is what vulnerabilities are present that can allow for the compromise of 80 million users information. It is to be estimated that the malicious hackers may have infiltrated the Anthem’s networks by making use of a sophisticated malicious software program that gave them access to the login credential of an Anthem employee, thereby breaching 80 million customers.

Next, there is email scams that have increased for customers affected. Almost immediately after the attack occurred. Anthem warned about the email scam in a statement saying that the emails appears to come from Anthem and ask recipients to click on the attached link in order to obtain credit monitoring. Do not click on such links and do not provide any information on any website, Anthem advised its customers.

Overall, this is the largest breach of personal information being stolen in recent times and based on how attackers are gaining access requires security personnel to be alert and proactive to identify vulnerabilities before suffering a catastrophic attack. These prevention techniques may not eliminate the threat, but may provide ways to decrease the amount of data stolen.

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