Sunday, February 15, 2015

Small Business Cyberattacks continuing to pose a threat

Last month, cyber attacks aimed at small businesses were examined and the most prevalent type of attack used was phishing emails. Small businesses have been targeted repeatedly mainly because of their weaker security protocols they have in place. The attackers exploit these vulnerabilities to steal information and gain access to valuable business resources.

An example of the attacks using phishing emails seen recently contained emails posed as notices from the Better Business Bureau and claimed a customer had filed a complaint against the recipient, but the notes actually contained links to malware created with the Black hole exploit kit. This type of email

These type of attacks are not new but attackers are becoming more sophisticated in their method of delivery to disguise their intent. The delivery of these emails with URLs embedded linking them to sites aimed at stealing information.  As common of an occurrence this is for attackers, it still proves to be effective.

To protect yourself from these attacks, it is best to educate employees on the types of attacks and update security to protect from malware infecting your system. To read more go to:

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