Sunday, January 25, 2015

Google to add wireless services

So it was announced this week that Google will start to take on the role of mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) by purchasing bandwidth from Sprint and T-Mobile. This would allow Google to provide wireless services to users, as any other mobile service provider does. This project codenamed "Nova" has been in the works for about 18 months. This service is expected to be on the market later this year.

By implementing its own wireless services, Google will disrupt the mobile data services pricing plans and should drive down mobile data cost. They plan on doing this by using the ad-based model, which means ads appearing randomly on your page. Google also plans to integrate their Google wallet service to this platform, to try and boost its use and functionality.

This raises security and privacy concerns to some. By google now tapping into network data, along with the data collected from Internet usage, they will be able to target specific audiences for services. Currently the E-commerce requires that the data collected from network services remain separate though.

Overall, Google is looking to provide lower cost data plans to effectively target consumers who would enjoy their services and offerings. The extent of how they plan on implementing and protecting data will be seen over time from implementation. They have the ability to cause a shift in mobile data pricing and plans but time will determine if they are successful at it.

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