Sunday, December 14, 2014

Smart watch hacked- vulnerability in devices

Today's devices seem to link to just about every kind of Bluetooth device on the market. They range from headsets, watches, speakers, and even other IOSs. This expansion of technology has allowed people to stay connected in no matter what environment they are in. This is beneficial but there are vulnerabilities that need to be compensated for.

Let's look at the smart watch by Samsung. Current research done showed that this device is susceptible to brute force attacks intercepting and decoding user's data, including text messages and Facebook conversations. This is accomplished by the six-digit pin used to transfer information over Bluetooth.

This pin only allows about a million possible key combinations so it is fairly easy for attackers to conduct a brute force attack to gain access. The pairing of the device allows attackers the ability to gain complete access to the information.

So, it poses the question, How do we protect ourselves from this vulnerability? One way would be to use Near Field Communications (NFC) to safely transmit the pin to Bluetooth devices or to create stronger password encryption techniques. Either way both are costly and make the process of using the technique more tedious.

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