Sunday, November 3, 2013

Cryptography: A Way to Secure Information

It seems in today's world that everyone is looking for ways to maintain and keep what privacy they may have. There are daily news stories of how people are upset that their information is shared or collected from the Internet, emails, or social media sites. It's not that they have something to hide, necessarily, but that they have a sense of inherent right to give their information to whom they choose.

Cryptography is a way to help encode or encrypt the information over the Internet. So what is it? In simple terms, a way to scramble up a message or data and send it somewhere and have it decoded back to the original message using a key or cipher. There is software available that can do this process and cryptographic messages can be very simple or very complex.

This process may be used to protect some information but it also can cause for potential unknown or unseen risks to the the systems that use them. The message is secured by the key or cipher but it is not guaranteed that someone who has a program to decode ciphers cant intercept this information or upload other information.

Either way it is a process of securing information to maintain some of the precious security we all want and the privacy when transmitting data. Although, I highly doubt that most average users on the Internet are taking time to encrypt their messages and providing a key or cipher to the other parties to decipher.

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