Sunday, October 20, 2013

Vulnerability assessments: A need for all organizations

After a business reaches a certain size and becomes large enough to have a sustainable IT department, it has to consider what are the weaknesses in the organizations technology? It also has to determine how do we counteract or mitigate these vulnerabilities? And of course, how do we rank these concerns , based on certain criteria, to protect the organization?

I state all of these questions, but why would an organization care? It is essential for the organization to identify the vulnerabilities, determine what is their greatest risk and then implement a process to eliminate or mitigate this risk. Threat vulnerability assessments allow the organization to do just that. An organization or business do not have unlimited resources , so this helps to prioritize what portion of the budget is going to be spent on the IT department to increase or keep a certain level of security. Also, it is important that your vulnerability assessments are conducted correctly, as an error could result in the very problems that you are trying to avoid.

To ensure that vulnerability assessments are effective to the organization ensure you set a proper schedule your vulnerability assessment, conduct testing on your network before implementing any changes, and ensure you have a disaster recovery plan. There are more ways to ensure that your vulnerability assessment is effective but this will help you get started on how to focus your efforts.

Keep in mind now, while vulnerability assessments are beneficial, if done incorrectly they can consume a lot of resources and time with little to no results that are of any benefit to the organization. The best method, I can suggest is to define the requirement, identify the risks, and develop a plan that is not only cost effective but effective at securing the organization's IT network.

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