Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wireless Security

Although, protecting information in today's age has become relatively difficult and continues to prove to be a challenge for all of those in the information security field it is a manageable task. Vulnerabilities seem to exist everywhere in the realm of technology and without safeguards in place they will continue to to be exploited by those who intend to do harm to others.

Let's look at something as simple as a wireless network in your home. Most of us today have several devices throughout our household which store massive amounts of personal and confidential information about our family and our accounts. All of these systems are linked together by our wireless router which probably was setup by the person who installed it, with minimum security protocols in place. Depending on someones time and interest in your personal life, this could pose a potential risk to the safeguarding of your personal information. If no precautions are taken then you are more likely handing over your information instead of protecting it. While it may not be possible to completely protect everything, implementing security practices will limit the amount of information lost or stolen by others.

Protecting your wireless network can potentially protect everyone in the house from unnecessary risks, whereas without some level of security protocol you can potentially compromise every device on your network. For example, a house with a wireless network that has an alarm linked to a desktop computer on the network has the potential to compromise the physical security of the whole house.

As technology grows and matures, the threats will continue to increase and evolve to present a more complex problem to those who are not implementing best practices for information security and with the way technology is advancing a little protection may be just as good as no protection.

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